Om shri ganasaya namaha

"Om Sri Karpaga Vinayagaya Namaha"

Mooshika Vahana Modaka Hastha
Chamara Karna Vilambitha Sootra
Vamana Roopa Maheshwara Putra
Vighna Vinayaka Paada Namaste

Lord Ganesha who mounts the mouse as a vehicle
Who is delightfully holding a modaka
Whose ears look like a hand-held fan
He, who is short in stature
The son of Maheshwara
The destroyer of obstacles
My prayers are offered to your divine feet

Path to invoke the Power of Ganesha

Please observe 'The Ganesha' seen above, in silence. Listen to the Ganesha Mantra playing around HIM. Sooth your mind with the echo of the devine mantra chants.

Look into the Lord's eyes & forehead to feel the vibrant divine rays which envelops you. Close your eyes & experience HIS grace, forever. Connect you soul with Lord Ganesha through this powerful divine energy you have invoked & experienced.

Continue doing this everyday for 7 minutes. Concentrate & chant the divine Ganesha Mantra
"Om Shri Ganeshaaya Namaha", silently. Now you can experience the miracle of Lord Ganesha in your life.

"Lord Vinayaga is powerful, playful & visible Let's Live with Ganesha"

Interesting facts about ganesha

Please Greet & Welcome people by saying "Om Ganapathy" and enjoy a Happy, Healthy & enlightened Life

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welcome to the OM Ganapathy Trust

About Us

OM Ganapathy Trust is a registered spiritual and charitable trust of Lord Ganesha, formed to serve the society, the poor,the orphans & the needy; with the blessings of Sri Karpaga Vinayaga! Our Trust welcomes volunteers, yoga experts, musicians, bhajan troups, and Ganesh bhakth to join us in our divine works.

Our founder Shri. Radhakrishnan sharing a plesant movement with Shri. Murthy Bhava, who has always been a great devotee of Lord Ganesha and a great spiritual motivator and guiding force for our founder and Omganapathy Trust.

Bhajan Singers

If you know Ganesh Bhajans & can Sing Bhajans in solo or group, please Contact us. Professional Bhajan Mandals (Bhajan Troups) please contact us with details, if you can sing exclusive Ganesh Bhajans & Songs.
Thank you & Bless you

Please Collect & Share

We request you to contribute any (Ganesha related) old & used divine books, spiritual stories, bhajan & slokam books, photos, CD's and other important write-ups; and also any cuttings regarding Lord Ganesha from spiritual magazines & any such information related to Lord Ganapathy, to the Om Ganapathy Trust. These contributions will be well preserved for future generations & all Ganesh Bhakth to view. These divine contribution of yours will be well taken care of by Trust & sometimes even rewarded if found to be extra-ordinary collections.
Thank you & Bless you


Om Ganapathy Trust is looking for Ganesh Bhakth, as Part Time Trust Volunteers to work in their free time, for the Trust. Let us do some spiritual – divine works & get blessed.


Please Contact us to get divinely blessed; Ganesha Key chain, Photos & Stickers FREE by courier.


Poojaries well experienced in Ganapathy Homam & professional Vedam experts, please contact the Trust for details. Fresh vedic patashala students may also get in touch with us.

Founder - Ganapathy Bhakth - Radhakrishnan

Pillaiyarpatti Chaturthi Festival Gallery

Vission & Mission

Wishes & Blessings to all Vinayaga Bhakth!

1. To Propagate, organize & conduct Mass Spiritual Awakening & Mind Enlightning Programs; Mass Divine Meditation Yoga Camp & Spiritual Healing, by Group Prayer, Bhajans, Meditation, Homam etc & to Recite Divine Holy Books & to conduct Spiritual discourses, for the Blissful life, joy & welfare of all mankind.

2. To plan, organize, undertake & execute all Devotional, Spiritual & Charitable activities related to well being & mental happiness of all people in society. To spread the value of Spiritual Healing & the Power of Group Prayer, Chanting Vedham & Mantras & the value of Satthiyam Culture & Good-Dharma.

3. To organize & conduct Mass Spiritual Awakening camps, Enlightment Program, Pranic Healing Camps & Spiritual activities for society to enjoy stress free calm mind, healthy body, joy, positive energy & Divine Aura in every human being & to make them realize the Supreme Divine Power of the God-The All-Mighty; by Worship, Prayer & Meditation.

4. To enroll & bring all Spiritual, God Loving & Charity Conscious people under this Trust by offering Membership & Sponsorship of all kinds within the legal frame.

5. To meet & share the members experiences, ideas, thoughts, miracles, expectations, benefits, results, feelings & all things, related to Spiritual Awakening & Importance of Charity; to Recite Holy Books & Spiritual discourses. To share & discuss the Sacred Divine Blessings received from The All-Mighty-The God.

6. To build Ashram, Prayer Hall, Spiritual Awakening Centers for people (Members) to come Relax, Rewind, Rejuvenate, Pray & do Meditation. An Ashram with Library & other Divine & Spiritual activities & facilities to practice Spiritual Awakening Methods collectively or individually.

7. To collect donation to buy land / building to construct & start Spiritual Awakening Ashram & Prayer Pooja Halls; also to do Mass Meditation, Annadhanam, Homam, Bhajans. To organize & conduct Charitable activities for the benefit of society in general.

8. To start TV & cultural program to promote Mass Spiritual Awakening & Mass Healing by Prayer & Bhajans in society. To collect, display, Print Spiritual Books, Documents, Photos, Arts & Crafts, Holy Books, Prayer CD's in Ashram Gallery & also to distribute them in society.

9. To plan & organize Spiritual Awakening group Prayers, Pooja, Homam, Bhajans etc in home of likeminded Trust Members; to collectively converge & experience the Divine Blessings of God & to create a positive Aura in life, to progress in the Spiritual path. To teach the value of Silence & Rituals in life.

10. To take efforts for the development of good environment and green revolution by planting of trees & plants. To give value & importance to Natural Resources & Mother Earth.

11. To conduct festivals and other functions in traditional & modern way; to promote Spiritualism, human harmony & healthy drug free living; among people.

12. To run Educational, Hospital & related Institutions for the benefits of the poor by opening new or creating branches.

13. To create interest & promote extra-curricular activities like sports, games and development of other arts, cultural, vedam & traditional arts, etc.

14. To run Orphanage, Old Age Homes, Home for Needy, Annadhanam Program, Free Medical Camp, Animal shelter etc.

15.To help poor or helpless or down trodden or weaker section of public, by providing basic necessities; including Education, Clothing & help for Marriage.

16. To carry out any or all other charitable activity of including relief to the advancement of any other objects of general public.

This Om Ganapathy Trust is a dream project & vision of a Ganesh Bhakth from Chennai, India; who is experiencing the devine blessings of Lord Sri Karpaga Vinayaga (Pillayarpetti Village, Karaikudi, T.N.)

We humbly request all Vinayaga Bhakth to give us your ideas & thoughts to make this Om Ganapathy trust a great success in the society. Kindly contact us to become a member of Om Ganapathy Trust & also to get associated with the trust in any manner you think you can help.

Om Ganapathy Ashram

Om Ganapathy Trust wish to construct an Ashram of Lord Vinayaga, for all Ganesh Bhakth to visit, stay & meditate. This Spiritual & Devine place will Collect & Exhibit thousands of books, paintings, drawings, idols & other art forms related to Lord Ganesha. The devotees can have dharshan of these Ganesha collections & can also donate Vinayaga related Collections for display. This great Vinayaga Bhakthashram is planned first in Tamil Nadu & later in other places. The Ashram will have a public Library of spiritual books, mostly related to Lord Ganesha & Family. Annadhanam & Maha Ganapathy homam are some divine functions planned in the Ashram, along with Bhajans & Meditation Hall. All these will help devotees to connect to Lord Ganapathy & enjoy HIS blessings.

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Regd. office of the Trust

OM Ganapathy Trust

Lokesh Tower 1st Floor,

Old No. 18, Kodambakkam High Road,

(Near Hotel Palmgrove), Nungambakkam,

Chennai - 600034. T.N. India

Phone: 98410 11947 / 97104 33336

Email:       ( Founder: K. Radhakrishnan )

Current A/c. Name Om Ganapathy Trust
Current A/c. No. 50200001460277
Bank Name & Address HDFC Bank
(Nungambakkam Branch)
No. 40, Nungambakkam High Road Chennai 600 034 (Tamil Nadu)
IFSC HDFC0000082
PAN Number AAATO3837D
Trust Registration Number 049 Dt. 17-04-2013, Chennai
Om Ganapathy Trust is registered as a Public Religious Trust u/s 12AA of IT Act: URNo. AAATO3837D/05/16-17/T-0999    (Not eligible for deduction u/s 80G)
Donation detail
All Contribution, Payments, Donations etc. to the Trust should be made in favour of “Om Ganapathy Trust” only, by way of Cheque, DD, M.O, Net Transfer etc.
For all payments official Trust receipt will be issued. You may collect the receipt immediately, while making the cash / cheque payment.
Please note:

Divine donations received from Ganesha Devotees will be utilised for various Spiritual & Religious activities related to Lord Ganesha.