Ganesh Avatars

In the Purana, Lord Ganesha forms eitght Avatars to destroy eight demons. Each demon represents a different state of emotion, as described below.

1. Ekadanta Avatar (God with one tusk) Rides a rat to kill Mada, the demon of vanity.
2. Lambodara Avatar (God with pot belly) Rides a rat to kill Krodha, the demon of rage.
3. Vakratunda Avatar (God with curved trunck) Rides a lion to kill Matsara, the demon of jealousy.
4. Mahodara Avatar (God with great belly) Rides a rat to kill Moha, the demon of attachment.
5. Dhumravarna Avatar (smoke-colored God) Rides a rat to kill Ahamkara, the demon of arrogance.
6. Vighnaraja Avatar (Master of obstacles) Rides a serpent To kill Mama, the demon of self indulgence.
7. Vikata Avatar (God with deformed body) Rides a peacock to overpower Kama, the lord of lust.
8. Gajanana Avatar (God with elephant head) Rides a rat to Kill Lobha, the demon of greed.