Green Grass

Vegetation plays an important role in Ganesha. His most famous festival takes place in autumn as the rains pour and the earth is green. He is called the creator of medicinal plants. During Durga puja in Bengal, nine herbs are tied together with a creeper (aparajita) & then decorated with a white sari with a red border, addressed as Kola-Bau is placed to the right of Ganesha and worshipped. These nine herbs, which includes turmeric, rice, banana, bilva, and ashoka, are associated with medicinal qualities and are visualized as goddesses. Ganesha as the son of Durga, is thus associated with the produce of the land. He loves green grass & banana. A particular type of grass used to garland & worship Lord Ganesh is called "Arugam pul" in Tamil and "Durva" in Maharashtra.