Shubh Labh

The children of Ganesha are identified as Shubha and Labha means auspicious and profit. The wives of Ganesha, Lakshmi (Riddhi) brings prosperity and Saraswati (Buddhi) brings Shubha or auspiciousness. When Ganesha enters our place, He is accompanied by wealth and fortune in one hand & wisdom in the other hand. The names of Ganesha's children (Shubh & Labh) are written on either side of Ganesha's image that is placed on top of the main entrance doorway of house & office. He keeps away bad luck and brings good luck and fortune for us. The name Labha (wealth) everyone understands; but the word Shubh is often difficult to explain to people since it indicates good luck, beauty and wisdom.

Shri Ganeshaaya Namaha!