Ganesha Symbolism

Ganesha Brahm Gyan

Lord Ganesha is powerful, playful & visible. Our ancient scriptures, vedam & Bija Mantra available in the world today, confirms that the powerful divine light of "Lord Ganesha" can be seen & experienced; within human body, through 'Ganesha Brahm Gyan' (Divine Knowledge). [ie: Our third divine eye will spiritually open, to see Lord Ganesha in the form of vibrant divine light rays, which is the elemental form of God.]

Yes! We can see God through our "Third Divine eye" which is centrally located, in between our two eye brows. This divine third eye opens only through Brahma Gyan. Doctors define this divine eye as the centre of human brain, called Pineal Gland in medicine.

We can't see our own face & we all need a mirror to see our face. Like this, we have to depend on meditation & spiritual power under the guidance of a guru, to open our third divine eye (Brahm Gyan); to see God.

Once your mind is cleared from all unwanted thoughts & troubles; you can practice self realizations & inner purification of mind by spiritual thoughts, discourses, prayer and spiritual meditation. With this purified mind & soul, you are prepared to get initiated into the divine process of obtaining "Ganesha Brahma Gyan" under the guidance of a Guru.

"Come & get connected to Lord Ganesha HE is Powerful, Playful & Visible!"

Om Shri Ganeshaaya Namaha!